HTML Tags! (Pt. 3)

David Lago
2 min readDec 5, 2021


With creating a menu for my job that I currently work at being Rooster’s Wings and Brew, I have been using more and more HTML that I will later be using JavaScript along with it. Let’s get into it! More HTML tags that I will be using and that you should too!

The HTML tags I will display today will be Open Graph, Sub and Sup! Let’s get into open graph. When someone is posting a link from youtube on twitter or discord it would look something like this:

image from discord server posting link from youtube

So I grabbed this pic from my discord server. This is what we see as a preview thanks to Open Graph using the meta tag. How would this look like in code?

These are important properties to always have, but to also make sure they’re filled in with proper content rather than me just typing in random things that I would think that resemble what I posted above.

The next one is rather easy to do and see instant results! You also are gonna be a little surprised that you never needed CSS for this as well! It’s Sub and Sup! So what these two do is when you want to type H20 and in html it looks just like H-20 rather than H₂O. Also if you ever wanted to put something to a certain power using an integer, you’d have to use the Sup tag. Examples will be shown here.

This will now create the following code, having water be spelled properly without any css along with having an integer to a 3rd power!

Something small but very worth it than having to get a bunch of css code to get something as simple as this! This is a quick bite of the tags that I think more people should know more about! Thank you again for reading this far even though it was probably a minute long. Keep on coding and have a wonderful day!