What I’ve Done So Far Pt. 1 (HTML)

David Lago
2 min readJan 3, 2022


My current project as of today

With my past blogs, I’ve been leading up to my current project, this is what I’ve been using my time to work on, A simple menu for Rooster’s created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The html part for this first part is actually extremely simple!

Here we have a simple HTML page, although its just the beginning of the page, we need a simple and clean landing page, I used head tag to to display a CSS spreadsheet, a JavaScript script tag, and finally the meta tag describing that this is just a menu landing page. Next we have a large amount of divs with different class names that’s used within CSS. Next we have the anchor tags represented by links that bring us to different pages, you may not see it just yet but its hidden within the “Menu Button”. finally we have the img tag that sources out to the images page that hold’s Rudy the Rooster giving us a big thumbs up!

Now why am I starting so small? I’m just trying to start a small introduction into what i’m doing before I go into different parts with CSS files and JavaScript files. I wanted to start with just HTML first to get a basic understanding. Now for the footer tag we will be getting into shortly!

footer HTML

Now, it may not look the prettiest, but it’s honest work. I plan on fixing this look fairly soon because of the insane contrast from the white background to a black background out of nowhere for the footer page.

What’s going on here is nothing too special, once again, the CSS is taking a backstage act to have this front landing page look a little different from the rest. This is once again basic HTML, but its nice to keep up with the basics before going in deeper with CSS or JavaScript. Next time ill be getting into CSS and what I’ve added to make things look nicer and have more “umph” too it. Thank you for reading and keep coding on!